Startup Owner: Carol Väljaots

Business Type:Creative Studio

Location: Tallinn

Country: Estonia

Additional info: All About Positivity ☀️ | Learning about the Environment and Climate Change 🌍 | Safe Community Space 🧷

About us

Zero Rec provides a video production service to environmentally friendly companies who wish to promote their product, service, cafe, restaurant or even an event. We love working with companies who are sharing our values in protecting the environment.

But Zero Rec is much more than just a creative studio. Our goal is to grow an audience of young, curious activists who are afraid to use the term environmentalist on themselves because sometimes they do not recycle, sometimes they take that plane or sometimes they buy cheese because they really like it. Zero Rec is a safe and positive community space for people who care about the planet and want to do more.

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Innovation is happening every day in the world of environmentalism!

Zero Rec is green in all ways. From who we are working with to what content we create and who we are as individuals.

Our values are:
Learning & Fun – Climate change is a stressful topic but learning more about it doesn’t need to be. Learning and fun should go hand-in-hand.

Safety & Belonging – It’s a feeling that we’re part of something bigger, that we have space to be who we are and grow without being judged.

Positivity & Empowerment – The right kind of community is mostly about positivity and empowerment. It pushes in the right direction, lifts up and inspires.

Boldness – We must let the world know that the system is not working and do something to make it better. We must be bold, active and smart.

Sustainability – No fuffa – no empty words! In order to be sustainable, we are focusing on all sides of sustainability – environmental, economic and social.

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