Startup Owner:  Pietro Carati, Andrea Astolfi

Business Type: Fashion

Location: Bologna

Country: Italy

Additional info:

Wiki Laces as a green start up, provide to sell restored sneakers with system of recycling, promote sustainability and vintage culture; we are trying to create the first community of used sneakers in Italy & in EU, make it cheaper and more accessible  And solve the problem of the increasing prices due to the high request and the actual crisis of the supply chain.

About us

In a historical moment where the fashion industry is saturated and generates hundreds of thousands of tons of waste every day; a new way of seeing fashion is arrived in these last years: vintage clothes, used or recycled ones are increasing of interest and trought this we understand our way to support it; “The goal of wikiLaces, in addition to selling shoes that were used, is to take apart the shoes you would throw away to make them brand new or to create new gadgets”.

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We are working on that project for creating a platform where the people can buy recycled sneaker at the best price; show to our audience how we provide to restore them with all the process they. need, basing on sustainability and carbon neutral, promote sustainable behaviors and make the restoring process clear and well known; we also recycle our packagings, boxes and all the stuffs we need for offer our service more sustainable as possible.

People get engaged in more ways: traditional one and online, we have already our social medias where they can understand more our type of business and our policy; our social medias have different type of approach, Instagram as a display, more static and less friendly but there you can see our guide lines and understand our policies, trough tiktok we are more user friendly and our community is increasing day by day; at the moment we are using a well known platform where you can sell secondhand clothes thanks to that taxes and payment are automatic and we can focus only on promotion and scaling.

The culture of secondhand apparel in Europe and especially in Italy is growing with a huge potential and a lot of businesses are taking that as an opportunity but most of them are only reselling products, wiki laces is the first start-up Italy that focus is mission only on sneakers and is not only doing that, we provide to collecting used sneakers from individuals that don’t use them anymore or from who is bored of them, after that we also restore them and give them another life; in case of impossible fixing we take the “hardware” so laces and insoles and recycle the silhouette.

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