Startup Owner:Vishal Kaushik

Business Type: Travel

Location:Based in EU

Country: Hungary

Additional info:Get ready for exploring the hidden gems in Europe in a sustainable way through community building.

About us

We believe in organising door to door trips in different parts of Europe including glamping trips also. Are you bored from your hectic job life, working everyday and need some break from the busy life. Come join us for hassle free door to door trip to hidden gems in Europe including everything from accommodation, transportation to your food and activities to do. You don’t have to worry about planning anything. One stop solution for all your travel needs.

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We will connect our trips with green events such as Clean Up drive, say no to plastic and using eco-friendly products for our trips.
We will be supporting the local people at these less explored places which will help in avoiding over tourism at famous tourist attractions.

Community building through local events like hiking, yoga meditation sessions, Potluck Drum, clean up drives.
Use of social media.

Providing door to door trips from Glamping sites.
Sustainable way of exploring the world.. 100% Environment friendly

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