Startup Owner: Achraf EZZALLAT

Business Type: Green Tech

Location: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Additional info: SPERSE is a green solutions startup that offers smart charging portfolio for small and medium businesses.

About us

We are a fresh start-up offering an integrated portfolio of smart hardware, software, cloud service, and technical support to deliver the smoothest charging experience for businesses and drivers owning a single or fleet of electrical vehicles.

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SMEs are one of the biggest polluters, and our goal is to encourage them to electrify their mobility to reduce their carbon footprint. We help SMEs have a smoother, more practical, and business-friendly charging experience to encourage them to use electrical vehicles for their daily business-related mobility.

Our SPERSE Plug+ chargers MVP is ready for exhibitions, and our management system and cloud service are under development and will be ready for pre-orders by the end of 2023.
We are also launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign next Mars 2023 for our community to help develop the solution and for SPERSE to generate value as soon as possible.
We will also be available on social media by next December to keep you updated about our progress.

Our company is one of few that offers a fully integrated portfolio that covers all the charging activity and we are the only one to show interest in what SMEs need to track, document, and report their environmental performance, and offers customizable reports to help facilitate the business side of the charging activity.

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