Startup Owner: Desirée Klemmensen

Business Type: Slow fashion

Location: Sindal

Country: Denmark

Additional info: Inuitbeads is created by a young woman who wants to get closer to her roots, a woman who wants to see a world without slow fashion. A woman who wants to create an inclusive brand across borders, race and gender.


About us

My company creates a way for you to express yourself through slow fashion. My products will be passed on from one generation to the next, just as our greenlandic national costumes have.

My brand is about understanding and owning your heritage. It’s about your identity, who you are and how we can help you express yourself – and not only for the moment, but to provide you a piece with a history, a piece that’s a part of your history – a piece that tells a story for generations to come.

Hey! You can send me an email for any questions you might have!


My company creates pieces that will last. The lifetime of our products is as important as the beauty of the design.

When I ship products I aim for it to be with zero plastic, currently the only plastic in the shipping is the tape to ensure the package is closed during its journey to its owner.

Feel free to contact me on my instagram: Inuitbeads

I will in time expand to Facebook, in due time.

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