Startup Owner: Bamba Orusov

Business Type:Crypto Sphere/NFT

Location: Narva

Country: Estonia

Additional info:

Support for environmental friendly companies through the sale of NFTs crisis of the supply chain.

About us

Our team is engaged in development in the crypto sphere. We decided that it is necessary to support eco-companies and release our own NFT collection. Our team includes a blockchain developer, art designer and marketing specialist.

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The main idea is to release NFT collections in collaboration with green companies and contribute to them a percentage of funds from the sale and resale of NFT

People will be able to invest their assets in the company by purchasing the NFT. This means that in the future they will be able to resell their asset, which will also help the eco company. That is, people will not only have the opportunity to support the environment, but also receive personal benefits for themselves.

There aren’t many NFT start-ups dedicated to supporting the environment. Therefore, this decision will help people realize that the cryptosphere can be useful for everyone, both for the environment and for themselves.

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