Startup Owner: Ave-Marleen Aesma

Business Type: Slow fashion

Location: Tallinn

Country: Estonia

Additional info: Hand-made polymer clay jewelry and resin home decor, made with love and care

About us

I’ve always loved wearing jewelry and I have noticed most of the jewelry nowadays is heavy and difficult to wear for a long time, you can see a lot of similar items basically in every store. Polymer clay earrings are extremely lightweight and even statement earrings weigh less than a quarter. On top of that, every piece is hand-made and very unique, so you probably won’t find exactly the same design anywhere.

You’re welcome to join my journey and watch me and my business grow.

Hey! You can send me an email for any questions you might have!


I am planning to expand and have my own website in the near future, so keep a lookout for a link in my Instagram bio and treat yourself or your loved ones with something unique!

My company is aiming to be eco-friendly, so our packaging is plastic-free and as biodegradable as possible. And the designs are timeless, so they can be worn by generations to come.

I believe in giving back, so 10% of the profit I make I will donate to plant trees or to organizations that have good environmental causes.

The best way to engage is to find “Create With Ave” on social media.

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