Startup Owner: Melina Niraki

Business Type:Concept Store / Cafe / Community space

Location: Kolding

Country: Denmark

Additional info: CoFem is a concept store & community space dedicated to the notion of femininity as expressed in various aspects in our lives. Conceptually, CoFem derives from the values of feminism, queer theory and gender theories. It is a place where femininities and feminine values are celebrated in different ways, inspired by the lived experiences of people in their societies. As the name of the brand reveals, co- creation and community are the main values of the space, providing a platform for dialogue, empowerment and entertainment. In the space’s core lies the SDG 5, supporting that there cannot be a sustainable future without gender equality.

About us

CoFem is the outcome of a long-lasting process answering to the need of creating something from scratch with the vision to support one another, learn from one another, empower one another and create a vibrant community both in person & virtually.

To do that, CoFem incorporates three different types of activities:

  • The concept store: Products and art pieces created by femininities from around the world will be displayed and available for sale to the customers. Along with the products, the stories of the creators in combination with their feminist message will be displayed aiming to provide the customer not only with a single product, but an experience as a whole.
  • The coffee shop: A green, feminist inspired coffee station inside the space where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee/drink and some snacks, hang out or even come to work. The food products will only be made of surplus food coming from food waste management initiatives or markets. The coffee will come from a fair trade coffee company ideally either based locally in Denmark, or from a feminist roasting company.
  • The events: There will be ongoing events held in the space, capturing various themes but always inspired by and supporting the vision and values that the CoFem represents.

The broader aim of the space is not only to be another store or another cafe but a meeting point for people who share some core values and envision the creation of a lively community where we can learn from one another, support each other and enjoy ourselves. The above aligns with the core values of sustainability and at the same time offers an opportunity for socialisation and better integration for the people living in Kolding, considering the multicultural character of the city.

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The novelty of CoFem lies in the attempt to provide products, experiences and a community space with a focus on social sustainability, aiming in the long term to contribute to a greener future for all. People can connect with the products which all represent meaningful life experiences through storytelling. Buying something at CoFem or visiting the space already makes you part of a community, but also links you to the person who has crafted the product you are interested in and has a story to tell you, about how and what makes this product unique and important to them and why your support is valuable to them. This way CoFem does not become another consumerist initiative. On the contrary it invites you to connect with the product of your choice, the person behind it and the values accompanying it.

CoFem puts in the forefront of its character the pillar of social sustainability, considering that there can be no sustainable future without equality among all genders and identities. Therefore, CoFem focuses on a green future putting in the epicentre of attention the gender component. At the same time, CoFem cares about its environmental impact. Responsible choice of products and resources, as well as green ways of existing are also central in the way CoFem operates on a daily basis. Saving and using surplus food, eco friendly shipping methods, minimisation of waste, ethically sourced materials, ecological products, ethically sourced coffee, support of small scale initiatives and businesses are some key examples in the ways CoFem aspires to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Visit our instagram account, the place where all our products, events and upcoming activities will be announced. By following us on instagram you will be updated about all the relevant links and information related to CoFem, our progress and our presence in other platforms and websites. Additionally, feel free to pass by from the physical store if you visit Kolding. In the end it is all about community.v

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