Startup Owner: Timothy  Onwuzulike

Business Type:

Renewable Energy

Location: Asaba

Country: Nigeria

Additional info: Clean Tools is building a nature-smart community of clean energy users. The company offers its people access to clean and affordable energy powered by solar systems for meeting daily needs while cutting costs of energy consumption. Allowing households to enjoy constant and clean energy: while farmers are able to integrate clean energy sources into its operation thereby reducing carbon emissions from farming activities and cutting the energy costs  for the farmers.

About us

CleanTools was born out of the necessity to provide solutions to Nigeria’s power inaccessibility issues. In keeping up with the fight to save the planet from destruction due to global warming and climate change, nature-smart processes remain the efficient and effective way of tackling the problems of energy shortages and inaccessibility.

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Energy generation from solar sources and the promotion of nature-smart practices in our daily lives.

A website, an app, Social media channels and publications on the print media.

Although there are other solar energy companies in the Nigerian energy market, the business model playbook adopted by CleanTools is the community-based approach to the provisions of energy access. CleanTool users enjoy the benefits of being a member of a nature-smart community with access to several solutions to their needs like payment services, investment opportunities, and Waste recycling services within the CleanTools Ecosystem.

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