Startup Owner: Aps Il circo pace e bene

Business Type: Experiential Tourism

Location: Milena

Country: Italy

Additional info: C&C | Local Tourism Farm is a project run by Il circo pace e bene organization with the aim to generate a sustainable development in an high priority area as the rural center of Sicily, providing touristic services.

About us

Il circo pace e bene is an Organization for Social Advancement running several projects in a very poor and underdeveloped part of Sicily. Its main aim is to generate a sustainable development in an high priority area as the rural center of the region.

C&C, coordinated by Caterina and Carmelo (C&C), is the most important of these social-economical-cultural change projects!

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The C&C | Local Tourism Farm project is a very innovative process especially for this area. Its most innovative aspect is that to invent a new “profession”: the Local Insider! The Local Insider is a person who live in a place and can help people to deep and really discover it. People coming to visit our Local Tourism Farm are not tourists but hosts, momentary citizens of our wonderful piece of world!

Touristic services provided by C&C are uncommon and non conventional! In opposition to the massive and usual tourism, with a very bad impact on places, local people and environment (imagine Venice), the Local Tourism Farm, thanks to the enhancement of local and precious heritage, rediscovers the ancient traditions of this special territory but with modern tolls and a new point of view.
In our – not touristic but … – discovery’s tour, we use e-bikes recharged by solar energy and we give discount to the people who come with sustainable means of transport. Our main dream is to buy as soon as possible an electric van, to use from Milena to the train station and back, to give the possibility, to our host, to come by train and be 100% green!

All our projects are very connected with our town and its people, in a wonderful locan dimention. Especially C&C has on its center (heart) the local community and its traditons, culture and history. We are manging special tours for children to teach them the real sicilian life stile and show the culture heritage of our special territory. If all of us learn how to watch this ancient treasure with a new, modern point of view, we trust it could be one of the most powerful tool to change the world! We are working on the managment of a communication strategy made by social medias aspects, website and real events to made our project bigger and more visible getting all the target already set.

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