Startup Owner: Konstantina Apostolou, Stefi Fotiou

Business Type:  Coffee/ Retail company

Location: Thessaloniki

Country: Greece

Additional info: Art cafe that connects people, a place where you can find the most unique pair of second hand jeans.


About us

We have so many cafes in Greece, but we always chose to go there with our closest people.

After the pandemic we have distanced ourselves. So now imagine a place where you could go and hung out with people you don’t know and make a meaningful conversation strarting from art.

Paintings and sculptures always have a message to pass you.

Also in the same place you can find artistic unique pair of jeans that you can buy. The jeans are second hand and painted in hand.

Hey! You can send me an email for any questions you might have!


The jeans that we are going to sell are second hand and the colours we use for painting them do not harm the environment.
Also we decided to have products like cafe and sandwiches but the ingredients would be only from local producers.
Also we are going to recycle cafe, and compost

Social media is one of the most useful tools.
Coming to my cafe
Organise a party to meet us and learn more about the place.

The main purpose is to persuade the customers to communicate more with each other even if they don’t know each other. I believe that as human beings we have forgotten how to communicate and feel free to express ourselves. I believe that in this place we will remember again how to do it.

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