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Noored Uhiskonna Heaks (NYH) is a non-governmental organization, which unites people of different age, social class, nation and interest who have the same goal: make the world of 21st century a bit better and friendlier to its inhabitants. The main activities can be divided into four big groups: education, democracy, ecology and culture. Youngsters believe that these aspects are not only closely connected with the majority of youth problems, but also provide a wide space for growth, innovational thinking and creativity, which can be accumulated firstly by youngsters. Members of NYH evaluate not only organising projects and events, but also participating in local youth, student and school councils, because democracy begins not with election but from participation and responsibility. The main moto of NYH is “Good for society – good for us”. Youngsters create a better world not just in the name of faceless “everybody”, but in the name of their friends and beloved, in the name of the future generation and in the name of their children.

The main areas can be divided into four big groups:

  • Education
  • Democracy
  • Diversity
  • Culture

Working in the international Field the main purpose of the organization is finding opportunities for young Estonians to experience European (or extra-European) mobility, through the promotion of job offers, scholarships, internships, volunteering and intercultural exchanges. We belong to different international networks of cooperation, especially in the fields of Social Rights, Migration, Leadership and Intercultural Cooperation. We coordinate international volunteers around Estonia in different areas.

On the local level, we act as a platform of cooperation among many local NGO’s, Tallinn Youth Council and different student councils in our region. Those activities intend to foster local activities for cultural integration and active participation in the diverse society of young people and students. The activities range in many areas where young people can interact in planning, implementing and evaluating their own different activities (from sports to parliament simulations and camps).

While Youth for Society is a young organisation, our staff is well experienced. The Board Member and project coordinator, Marco Santos, has expertise in youth cooperation since the YOUTH programme and has organised many exchanges, trainings and seminars all around Europe and also cooperated with Africa and South America. He is also a TOY SALTO trainer and has cooperated with many National Agencies of Youth around Europe. He has long term cooperation with the youth area of Council of Europe and European Youth Council and 12 years of trainer and facilitator in the field of youth.

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