The aim of MeOut Association is to find common values in our globalized world, and the development of understanding/mutual understanding through trainings, exchanges, and conferences. Our organization was build on two pillars: education and innovation. With education we focus on Erasmus+ projects on the field of youth, while with innovation we organize the Euroasian Startup Awards, we have executed successfully a Hackathon and we often organize a CEO’s breakfast for the local enterprises’ CEOs, our daily work are mostly based on these occasions.

As a partner organization MeOut sent hundreds of talented young people to different courses and exchanges. Our members are active, and aim to work on local, regional, national, and international level.

The core team of MeOut has a decade of experience dealing with non-formal education, project management, conflict management, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, sustainable devel-opment, fundraising, and crowdsourcing. We are focusing on connecting youngsters and entrepre-neurs of CEE, EaP and Balkan countries locally, regionally and globally.

We organize international training programs and trainings in 20 countries with more than 2000 youngsters participating each year in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, digitalization, social media, organizational management, community building.

Today’s youth grow up in a globally more connected and digital word, which requires new ap-proaches. Our international training programmes give youth in-depth knowledge and experience that they can adapt to the changing global environment. One of our main focus is social media, it’s right use and turns it to become more beneficial.

We’re happy to serve and do all activities for a better future. We’ve executed and took part in several EU, State, V4, or privately founded conferences, projects, training, and exchanges. (C) 2021