Marketing & Ecology (1/3)

Marketing and Ecology

Green and Eco are popular buzzwords today, clearly referring to sustainability and environment, and touch every area of society, economy, politics implying well-being. Green Marketing aims at promoting environmentally friendly practices, building your green brand and telling the public about your sustainable practices. As more and more of the population demand a greener future. Green Marketing not only promotes your brand, it also raises awareness about sustainability, climate crisis, injustice and promotes an alternative of harmonious living between humans and with the natural world.

Green marketing promotes the environmental aspects of your company and promotes a greater vision concerning a greener future. By promoting:

  1.  the internal aspects of your enterprise, how you live and experience the principles of sustainability from within.
  2.  the external process, how the process and outcomes of what you produce, sell and propose to your customers reflects your sustainability values.

GREENday – Youth Entrepreneurship, Environmental Start-Ups

The Four Musketeers to Promote a Green Startup


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