Green Advertisement (3/3)

Green Marketing

Green Advertisement needs to achieve 2 purposes:

  1. to advertise and sell specific products, goods or services
  2. to educate the target group about environmental aspects

Therefore, to promote whatever your are selling combined with helping your customers make a responsible and ethical decision; answering their needs and wishes and positively impacting the environment, by placing your brand as a responsible one.

Green advertisement appeals to the social, political and environmental aspects of the individual responsibility towards society and the ecosystem. This is a fairly new field of advertisement which is both good and bad news, good news because this field has few rules and very open to innovation, bad news because there are very few examples out there for now. One thing that everyone agrees on, is that one of the main purposes is education, raising awareness, and help customers make informed and responsible decisions.


GREENday – Youth Entrepreneurship, Environmental Start-Ups

The Four Musketeers to Promote a Green Startup


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