Slide GREENday - LEARN MORE Youth Entrepreneurship,
Environmental Start-Ups

is a 24 month project aiming to tackle multiple challenges that youth faces today.

GREENday – Youth Entrepreneurship, Environmental Start-Ups

 Handbook on Green Start Ups

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GREENday – Youth Entrepreneurship, Environmental Start-Ups

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GREENday – Youth Entrepreneurship, Environmental Start-Ups

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Green Startups Database


Startup Owner: Desirée Klemmensen Business Type: Slow fashion Location: Sindal Country: Denmark Additional info: Inuitbeads is created by a young woman who wants to get closer to her roots, a woman who wants to see a world without slow fashion. A woman who wants to...

Zero Rec

Startup Owner: Carol Väljaots Business Type:Creative Studio Location: Tallinn Country: Estonia Additional info: All About Positivity ☀️ | Learning about the Environment and Climate Change 🌍 | Safe Community Space 🧷 About us Zero Rec provides a video production service to environmentally friendly companies who wish...

Create With Ave

Startup Owner: Ave-Marleen Aesma Business Type: Slow fashion Location: Tallinn Country: Estonia Additional info: Hand-made polymer clay jewelry and resin home decor, made with love and care About us I've always loved wearing jewelry and I have noticed most of the jewelry nowadays is heavy...


Employment in green economy sectors, in the period between 2000 and 2016 has increased six-fold, reaching a peak in 2016 where across the EU-28 it generates EUR 746 billion into the Union’s economy, employing 4.5 million people. And numbers are rising. Concerning employability, small and medium enterprises in Italy employ up to 68% of the active work[1]force, in Greece over 80%, in Estonia 55% in Hungary up to 53%, In Denmark up to 64%, according to Eurostat; which show us that there are grounds for initiatives and enterprise creation in each of our realities. When it comes to youth unemployement in 2018, it is decreasing by an average of 5% across all participating countries, meaning that the grounds are fertile to establish enterprises. According to statistics, European governments invested an average of 4.5 billion EUR in 2017 alone, demonstrating an interest of the decision-making bodies to provide resources to this sector. As well, once being surveyed, environment appeared to be the top priority of concern for teenagers and young adults across Europe, accompanied by a growing pessimism concerning the future. Also when the EU was preparing its 2027 youth goals, it emerged from the surveys that Sustainable Green Europe is a top concern for young people today. Also because, according to the EU Start-Up monitor, currently in Europe 12.8% of registered companies are youth start-up enterprises and 7.5% are in a an expanding and hiring phase.

Therefore in this scenario we are going to implement GREENday – Youth Entrepreneurship, Environmental Start-Ups. (C) 2021